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I love all things entertainment and that's what I plan to do for the rest of my life!! I also happen to be part of the R5 family! {most posts will come from my Instagram: R5family21 or Marol_J}

Had such a blast last night! R5 killed it in Denver!! I’m heading back home to Cali! But I’ll be back soon! I will post more pics soon! ✌️ #R5 #DenverR5Family
Denver, CO 👍 #R5 #R5LiveOnTour #DenverR5Family
Rydel slaying as always!! Denver you brought the house down!! // #repost from my radio page @marolonthemic // #r5 #R5LiveOnTour #DenverR5Family
Hey everyone! So I’m off to the show tonight in Denver! If anyone of you are there this is me! Don’t be afraid to say hi!! I will not be on here at all! Follow my radio page @marolonthemic or personal @marol_j for updates! Peace! ✌️ #r5 #denverr5family #R5liveontour
Tenzi Battle with Brandon & Savannah ft. Riker Lynch

Hey everyone this is part 1 of my fun times with Brandon & Savannah! Please check it out!!

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YO DENVER!! Where my party people at?? So excited to party with you guys later today!! (& yes today bc technically it’s already the 16th) SO pumped!! Hope to see all your awesome faces out there!! 👍 gotta get some rest before the show! Goodnight everyone!! // #R5 #R5LiveOnTour #DenverR5Family
Denver show!!

Anyone going to the Denver show on Tuesday?? Let me know!!

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Rocky: “I’m done with your shit Ellington!” 
Ellington: “build a bridge & get over it!” 
Rockliff at it’s finest #BROTP 😂😂 #R5

crazyme94: Will you be showing video of your interview with Brandon and Savannah?

Yes! But I’m still editing! 👍

Hey everyone!! Please check out my page @marolonthemic for all updates on my interview with @branandsav!! 👍 this is just part 1 so I have lots of fun stuff to show you guys!! Thanks for the support!! #brandonandsavannah #wishboneclan #rikerlynch