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I love all things entertainment and that's what I plan to do for the rest of my life!! I also happen to be part of the R5 family!
So proud of these kids! •guys I was only gone for like 8 hours & I lost like 10 followers. but it’s ok guys! It’s about those that count that are still here. But guys still trying to write my paper so at least here’s one edit before I go to bed! Good night guys!! 😘😘 
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r5-ever-rockin: Best r5 blogs? :)


I like a lot of them! but these are the ones that i usually reblog most from

  1. nora-isr
  2. officialr5 rikerr5 rydelr5 pakkratt
  3. dressliker5 
  4. r5rocks
  5. dancing-out-my-pants
  6. they-are-adorkable
  7. r5-news
  8. 2old2befangirling
  9. marolj21
  10. rauses
  11. rydelmarys
  12. rossfied 

there are a lot more but that’s all i can think of right now!

OMG thank you for this!! 😍😍

So excited for R5! This is great exposure for them. It prob won’t be a performance it could be some kinda interview of some sort. Demi Lovato did that last week as well. If I finish my paper I’ll get a chance to watch! Make sure to check your local listings to see what time it’s on! 
REMEMBER GUYS TODAY IS MY DAY OFF!! After this post I won’t be posting at all until Thursday! Just need to catch up on studying!! Have a great day & I’ll be back on Thursday!! 💋 #r5 #R5onIdol @officialr5
Rydel is gorg! 😍 • Guys tom is my day off! I will only be making one post in the morning & that’s it! I need a break from tom bc I have a lot of studying to do & I need no distractions. Honestly too I like my days off bc I’m more relaxed not having to worry about posting! I’ll be on in the morning & after that I won’t post till Thursday! Good night everyone. #r5 #rydellynch @rydelr5 🌸
Get strange with the stars together ✨🌌 #r5 #rydellynch @rydelr5

Anonymous: I've been reading alot about how people think that ross might be depressed because he never smiles or anything, but idk what to think about it... Whats your opinion?


I don’t think he’s depressed. He actually said in an interview recently that he doesn’t know why everyone thinks this (I made a GIFset of it).

I just think he’s tired as hell juggling everything he has on his plate. I honestly think that if he took a month off of everything to sleep and read and surf and do whatever he needs to just to feed his soul, he’d be back to normal Ross in no time.

He doesn’t have that option right now, which is a great thing for his career, but I just hope he really takes advantage of the few free days he does get here and there to just breathe and let it all go. :)

Well hey there Riker..😏😎 {my screenshot} #r5 #rikerlynch @rikerr5
Rydel!! 🌸❤️ {my screenshot from the music choice vid}{ @popstarmag just tweeted it} #r5 #rydellynch @rydelr5